Citizen’s Charter

MDLR Airlines is committed to provide efficient, high standard and excellent quality Regional Air service on board for our esteemed passengers. Our aim is to start a Regional airline, with a effective Regional Connectivity and Metro to non-metro capital Connectivity with most efficient Jet engine aircrafts. Information on Reservation, Check-in procedures, Passenger services, Baggage allowance, In-flight services, Security regulations, is briefly outlined in this document.


 We are using Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Airlines Inventory and Reservation System (AIRS) from BIRD Information system, India, purely a web-based Reservation platform.
Reservations can be done:

  • By visiting our web site
  • By visiting our City/Airport offices.
  • By calling our Toll Free number for our call center 18001031800.
  • By visiting our Authorized Travel Agents.


  • Please ensure that while making booking your residence, mobile or business contact should reflect in PNR.
  •  While making booking please advice us your preferences, for Meal request/Special services like Wheel Chair, seats, etc.
  • Indian Rupees fares are applicable to all passengers ticketed in India.
  • For online and call center booking the payment has to be made by credit card only.
  • Passengers can pay by cash, credit card or through bank draft at MDLR Airlines counter at City offices or Airports.
  • Mode of payment with Travel agents are governed by regulations from the respective agents and M/s MDLR Airlines doesn’t’t take any responsibility for any particular agent not adhering to the same
  • The mode of payment should be single either cash or credit card.
  • We accept credit card payment only. (We currently do not accept Debit Cards)
  • The Credit Card used to purchase the tickets will have to be produced at the time of Check-in.
  • If the holder of the credit card is not the passenger, then the passenger should possess:

Passenger needs to carry a Photocopy ( Front Copy Only) of the Credit Card used for booking, duly signed and authorized by the Credit Card  owner, stating the Name of Passenger booked , the date of journey, sector on which the journey is made and his/her relationship.
The above document MUST be produced at the time of check-in. If the passenger fails to comply with these conditions, MDLR Airlines reserves the right to deny the passenger(s) from boarding

Validity of Tickets    

  • All full fare tickets booked in C/Y class are valid for one year from the date of issuance of ticket.
  • All Special Fares booked under Club and Easy class (L/U/B/R/S/A/E/T) are valid for date of travel only.
  • All Club/Easy special fare will mention the exact validity and extensions are not permitted.


  • Any change to a confirmed ticket issued on Normal Fare – including cancellation, postponement, and change of itinerary – must be done at least one hour before a flight. When a ticket is reissued from a higher to a lower fare, a re-issuance charge of INR 100 is levied, irrespective of whether there is any change in sector/class of travel. A documentation charge of INR 100 is levied when a confirmed ticket is processed for refund.
  • 50% of Basic fare is being charged in case of cancellation of confirmed tickets for refund within one hour of departure or No-show for Full fare tickets. This is applicable to Full Fare tickets only.
  • For Fare types L/U/B/R/A/S/E/T and other fares applicable cancellation rules apply.


We will refund the value of tickets purchased by you from our offices or airport ticketing counters directly to you:

  • If the ticket has been paid for in cash, we will refund the amount in cash; and
  • If the ticket has been paid for by credit card, we will issue a credit note.
  • If ticket were booked through Travel agent, it would be refunded through the same agent only.

Important Information for all Tickets booked through or through any website :-

  • It is mandatory for all Passengers to enter their valid Mobile number, contact details and e-mail address without fail at the time of reservations.
  • All Travel agents should ensure that the contact numbers and details are of Passengers only and in case any other numbers are entered, M/s MDLR Airlines doesn’t take any responsibility whatsoever for non-informing the respective passengers of flight timing changes, delays or cancellations.
  • MDLR Airlines takes responsibilities of informing all passengers for any changes in Flight timings of the airlines primarily by phone or sms services. M/s MDLR Airlines doesn’t take any responsibility for any Network error, network reach or service provider service failure and doesn’t take any liability for any phone number wrongly entered or not of any Landline, GSM or CDMA other than that of Indian service providers. No sms, phone calls would be made for any International passengers, International phone holders and encourage passengers to strictly provide Local Indian functional numbers only.


  • M/s MDLR Airlines doesn’t take any responsibility of ferrying passengers in case the flight services are disrupted due to Fog, Smog, Haze, Blizzard, Hurricane, Torrential Rains,Riots, Natural calamities, Acts of God, Violence, Tempest, Storm, Flood, Political turmoil etc or any such situation beyond permissible parameters of normal operations by MDLR Airlines.. In such cases of cancellations, full refund would be made.
  • In above cases wherein Flight has operated and passengers are not being able to use the services, no refund would be made whatsoever.
  • MDLR Airlines would refund Full amount to the passengers in case of Airlines canceling their flights due to Technical snags or any other reasons within the permissible control of the airline. In all such cases passengers would be informed 3 hrs prior departure and ONLY the Full Amount ( including Taxes, Surcharges, Service fees would be refunded.
  • In case of Passengers not being able to continue their further journey, but have been using the services from behind for same flight, M/s MDLR Airlines would try to provide alternate air transport and wherein the same is not available would provide safe and comfortable Surface transport to the destination airport. In such cases the surface Transport would be provided from Airport to Airport only.
  • In all situation M/s MDLR Airlines would also try to accommodate such passengers in next days flight of M/s MDLR airlines ( subject to seat availability ).
  • The above conditions would not be permissible for Award tickets, FOC tickets, interline, Staff on duty etc and no alternate would be provided.
  • M/s MDLR Airlines would not provide any Boarding and Lodging facility in case of cancellations of flights.
  • M/s MDLR Airlines doesn’t take responsibility for any missed connections etc in any other carriers due to late arrival of aircrafts or non-connections.

Passenger Services

  • Wheel Chair: Passengers who need wheel chair assistance at the airport are required to inform reservation staff at the time of making their bookings or at-least 24 hours prior to the departure of flight. This facility is provided free of charge.
  • Elderly Passengers: Passengers who walk slowly and only for a short distance may be provided with wheel chair upon request without any extra charges.
  • Unaccompanied Minors (UM): We consider UM up to the age of 12 years. The minimum acceptable age is 5. UM’s should be able to communicate either in English or in any regional language.
    An Indemnity Bond has to be signed by parent/guardian of the minors at the time of making reservation. The Unaccompanied Minors will be introduced to the In-flight crew before commencement of the flight. Persons other than those mentioned in the Special Handling Instructions Forms will NOT be allowed to be taken charge of the Unaccompanied Minors, unless such persons are known to the Officers in charge and the relationship with the parent / guardian is established.
  • Sick Passengers: Persons suffering from contagious or infectious diseases or having visible external manifestation of a very unpleasant or repugnant ailment or their physical condition may be objectionable to other passengers will not be accepted.
  • Expectant Mothers: Expectant Mothers in good health are accepted for transportation unto and including the 32nd week of pregnancy. A medical certificate to be asked from the passenger after the 32nd week.

Baggage Allowance

We allow free baggage allowance of 20kgs in Economy class and 30kgs in Club class.

  • We allow one piece of cabin Baggage per person where the weight of the baggage does not exceed 5 kg’s. And the total dimension not exceeding 115 sq. cm’s and linear dimension not exceeding 55 cm’s by length x 25 cm’s width x 35 cm’s height for all flights.
  • The mentioned allowance in cabin, small items of basic necessity like reading material, overcoat, binoculars, camera or laptop is allowed.

Baggage Claim

For all passengers checked-in baggage claim is entertained on MDLR Airlines and security checked by MDLR Airlines security.

Lost baggage & compensation

In case of lost or damage beyond repair is limited to Rs. 450/- per kilo, unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid. Excess valuation may not be declared on certain types of articles. Carrier assumes no liability for fragile or perishable articles.

Personal Allowance: The articles which may be carried free of charge in addition to the free baggage allowance are:

  • An overcoat.
  • A handbag, pocket book or purse.
  • A small camera.
  • A pair of binoculars.
  • Reading matter for flight (reasonable amount).

Security Retrieved Items

BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) of India recommends removal of below mentioned items from hand baggage:

  • Pointed Scissors
  • Knife/blade
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Nail cutters
  • Pliers
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Screw Drivers
  • Toys which are realistic replicas of weapons
  • Gels/Shampoos/Perfumes etc.


  • Delays beyond 3 hrs passengers are given 100% refund or can change the journey without paying any charges subject to availability of seats.

Denied Boarding Compensation:

  • Confirmed seat on the next flight of MDLR Airlines.

According to the dangerous goods regulation, the following articles are not allowed to be carried in the baggage for safety reason:

  • Compressed gases, Corrosives, Explosives, Flammable materials, Oxidizing materials.
  • Safety matches or lighter, Poisons and Infectious substances.
  • Radioactive material.
  • Other articles like Mercury, Magnetized material, Briefcase and attach cases with installed alarm device.


  • Passengers are requested to kindly go through the Safety Instruction Card and follow the same during take-off and landing.
  • Variety of newspapers and magazines are kept on- board for in-flight reading pleasures.
  • Meals and beverages are served as per the time and duration of the flight.
  • Special meal like Jain, Diabetic, Low calorie, etc. are also served on board. Passengers are requested to kindly inform our reservation/ticketing staff at least 72 hrs prior.
  • All possible help is provided to passengers like mothers with infant, disable passengers, old and sick passengers etc.

As per Government of India regulations smoking is prohibited and MDLR Airlines does not permit the serving or consumption of alcohol on any of its flights strictly.


Major concern of MDLR Airlines is security and safety. Following are the security measures, which MDLR Airlines has adopted:

  • Do not accept packets or parcels from someone you do not know.
  • Carry only one piece of hand baggage.
  • Carry battery cells or dry cells in registered baggage and not in hand baggage.
  • The registered baggage is screened through the X-Ray machine and a security checked sticker is affixed and the baggage proceeds to check-in counter under constant supervision.
  • As per Government of India security regulations, passenger will be required to undergo personal frisking & their hand baggage x-rayed before entering the pre-boarding sterile area.
  • Secondary checked clear passenger with their handbags should be escorted to the aircraft in a coach with all doors locked.
  • Checked baggage has to be personally identified by the passengers before it is loaded in the aircraft. Unidentified baggage is not loaded into the aircraft. At certain airports, baggage reconciliation is carried out though an internal matching system instead of physical baggage identification.


 MDLR Airlines provides Club and Economy class to their esteemed passengers.
Different lucrative slabs in Club as well as Economy class along with pure vegetarian world class cuisine is available with MDLR Airlines 


We also make an effort to maintain a constant interaction with our customers in order to maximize our efforts in serving our esteemed passengers better. MDLR Airlines is committed to provide quality and standard on board for our valued passengers. For all other details log on to or call (Toll free Airtel) 1800-103-1800.